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Peter Parcek - News

New Videos - August 2019

Peter has a number of exciting new live videos filmed at the Bull Run on Father’s Day 2019 by Moejoe Marino. You can find them in the video section.

Metronome Magazine - Top 20 Picks 2018 - January 2019

"Peter Parcek- Bluesman Parcek has always taken his time creating his music and his recent offering Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven was no exception. He shared his fascinating story with us in the January issue." [view full article]

AXS - Top 13 best blues guitarists - December 14, 2018

AXS names Peter Parcek one of top blues guitarists. "Parcek put out an album in 2017 called Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, and for many heaven is exactly where Parcek’s guitar work on the album takes them. Fuzzy and swampy on “World Keep on Turning,” understated and mournful on Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” and playful and teasing on the instrumental “Shiver,” Everybody… is a solid example of Parcek’s ample talent."

Vintage Guitar - Review - June 2018

John Heidt writes: " Parcek is that unique picker who calls to mind some older blues players, but is totally unique unto himself. He has great chops, a world-weary voice, and upon close listening, a completely different way of expressing American music. Check out 'Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven' for a highlight. Oh, yeah, Luther Dickinson guests on four cuts."

Blues Music Magazine - Review - April 2018

Brian M. Owens writes: " Journeyman singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Parcek is no stranger ot the New England blues scene. Gaining a profound musical education in the 1960s while living in London during the British Blues Explosion, Parcek found himself sitting at the feet of the masters like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, adn Peter Green before they all hit global fame. Those influences have lasted for Parcek to this day.

On his latest album in seven years, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, Parcek keeps things tight and electrically charged with minimal frills and gimmickry. His mastery of the fretboard is well intact as he spirals in, out, and through his band's raw accompaniment with deep blues-rock guitar sentiment. And while his is a bluesman at heart, his sound is original and inventive from track to track.

Featuring an A-list of guests that include guitarist Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars), keyboardist Spooner Oldham (Muscle Shoals session player), drummer/producer Marco Giovino (Robert Plant; Norah Jones) along with others, Parcek delivers a handful of future classics with the fretboard workout of 'Pat Hare,' the earthy grind of 'Ashes To Ashes,' the moody '"Every Drop Of Rain,' and the entertainingly playful instrumentals 'Shiver' and 'Mississippi Suitcase.' Suberb!"

Premier Guitar Magazine - Februrary 2018

Thanks to Premier Guitar Magazine & Emile Menasche for the kind recent feature! Menasche writes: "Like all great blues records, Peter Parcek’s powerful new album Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven cuts close to the bone. Yet, from the opening track—a gut-punch rendition of Peter Green’s “World Keep on Turning”—Parcek takes us on a two-way journey. One direction is back to the deep emotion that defines the truest blues of every era; the other is forward into a modern sonic approach with which he breaks blues conventions without dishonoring them..." [more]

Penguin Eggs Advance CD Review Text - Canada

Eric Thom writes: " Fans of electric blues seldom think of New England as a legitimate incubation zone. Yet, for fans of Peter Parcek – and especially his mother, it’s a fact. Part celebration of her life, if not the foundation for his nerve-shearing, heartache-laden tone, Parcek’s late mother plays a key role in his personal approach to the blues. From her staunch support of his musical dreams to encouraging the young intender’s detour to London to follow his love of British blues, Parcek’s third album is very much a reflection of this love. And, while the disc opens on a frighteningly accurate clone of Peter Green’s “World Keep On Turning”, Parcek is no one-trick-pony. His blistering version of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “See that My Grave Is Kept Clean” may retain his Green-like, blues whisper of a vocal, but the track is contemporized through the addition of pedal steel (Andy Santospago), coupled with his own haunting lead guitar. His original instrumental, “Pat Hare”, pays tribute to Albert Collins, enlisting the added firepower of Luther Dickinson on guitar and Mickey Raphael on harmonica while another original barn-burner, “Shiver”, more closely adopts Collins’ ringing tone and muscular style, pushed higher by further sparring with Dickinson. Originally intimidated by the guitarists around him, Parcek opted for work as a singer and harpist – a state that reversed itself once he returned home to Boston. Before long, Parcek’s blues ascension included a soulful grasp of elements of country, rock and jazz which further distinguished his particular style. On Heaven, the percussion and production skills of Marco Giovino (Band of Joy), added to accompaniment by Spooner Oldham (keys), Dennis Crouch (bass) and the McCrarys (background vocals) further stir this sophisticated pot. However, it’s the highly personal songs like “Every Drop Of Rain” – dedicated to his mother – that anoint this release with deep-dish elements of heartfelt soul that further deepen his blues-steeped sound. Consider his mournful rendition of Don Nix’ “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” – a track which underlines his potential as a true blues contender. Or cue yet another raucous instrumental, “Mississippi Suitcase”, for a true taste of unbridled blues passion (again, aided and abetted by Dickinson). Fans of this exceptional release must promise to backtrack for another gem in 2010’ s “The Mathematics of Love”. At this rate, Boston may soon become known for much more than clam chowder and tea parties.

American Blues Scene Feature - February 21, 2018

Steven Ovadia writes: " Peter Parcek’s ‘Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven’ Is the Real Deal..." [Read Full Review]

Premier Guitar Feature - February 13, 2018

Emile Menasché writes: " Like all great blues records, Peter Parcek’s powerful new album Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven cuts close to the bone. Yet, from the opening track—a gut-punch rendition of Peter Green’s “World Keep on Turning”—Parcek takes us on a two-way journey. One direction is back to the deep emotion that defines the truest blues of every era; the other is forward into a modern sonic approach with which he breaks blues conventions without dishonoring them..." [Read Full Review]

Rambles.net Review - February 10, 2018

" ...A few select artists possess the knowledge and chops to fashion a successful blues and rock fusion. In the case of Boston-based Peter Parcek, on his latest in nearly a decade, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, the result is an atypically expressive contemporary guitar blues. Parcek can play it heavy or fluid or call up echoes of the distant era when one strain of the African-American folk tradition was evolving into a genre that for decades would shape the direction of mainstream popular music. To my hearing, modern-day blues works most successfully as a dialogue between origins and destinations. The consequent tension is what gives the blues its vitality. Parcek knows as much..." [Read Full Review]

Blues Matters UK Review - January 2018

Dave Drury says: " This album from Boston based bluesman Parcek opens up with a powerful cover of Peter Green's song World Keep on Turning...Great stuff! This is an excellent album that goes on the recommended file." [Read Full Review]

Blue Bytes Review - January 2018

Graham Clarke reviews "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven" for Blues Bytes: "It’s been seven years since guitarist Peter Parcek’s last CD, The Mathematics of Love, which earned him a BMA nomination as Best New Artist Debut, but his latest release, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (Lightnin’ Records) is well worth the wait..." [Read Full Review]

Twangville Blues-Based Best of 2017 - 1/10/2018

Bill Wilcox includes Peter Parcek in Bill’s Blues-Based Best of 2017: "Peter Parcek – Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven – Another ‘discovery’ of mine this year, Parcek has been a mainstay in the New England blues scene for years."

Washington Blues Society - January 2018

Malcolm Kennedy of Washington Blues Society highly recommends "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven." [Read Full Review]

Jazz Weekly Review - 1/8/2018

George W. Harris writes: "Guitarist and vocalist Peter Parcek rocks the boogie with a rotating team anchored around himself and Marco Giovino/dr, Luther Dickinson/g and Spooner Oldham/key and an assorted array of bassists, strings and steel guitarists. Some snarling harmonica provided by Mickey Raphael makes for a swampy “Pat Hare” while ominous shadows are cast on “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.” The guitars and rhythm develop a snarling Bo Diddley groove on “Mississippi Suitcase” and the team boogaloos on “Shiver” and the shuffling “Things Fall Apart.” Parcek’s guitar is 70s fuzzy and sinewy as on “World Keep on Turning” and gets bluesy on the thoughtful title tune.He’ll get you standing up from your chair if he comes to your town."

Blurt Best of 2017

Selected by Eric Thom of Blurt in "Revenge of the Writers" as Top Ten of 2017.

Blues 411 Internet Radio #1 Album of 2017

Michael Kinsman of "Hoodoo Ya Ya" on Blues411 Internet Radio has selected "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven" the #1 Album of 2017!

Rambles.net 25 Favorite Albums of 2017

Jerome Clark picks Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven as one of his 25 favorite albums of 2017.

Guitar Moderne Top Records of 2017

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven selected by Guitar Moderne as Top Record of 2017. "Marco Giovano’s production helps guitarist/vocalist Parcek proffer an album of blues that delivers the dark mystery that makes the genre so attractive."

Newsreview.com 12/21/17

Peter Parcek, a Boston-based guitarist/vocalist, released his first album, Evolution, in 2000 and followed it up 10 years later with the highly acclaimed The Mathematics of Love. Now, after another gestation period, here’s Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, featuring the bluesman on 10 compositions, six of them his. A self-taught musician, he credits a 1960s stay in London and first-hand exposure to musicians there who were digging into American blues, such as Peter Green (his biggest influence), with inspiration. Fittingly, it’s Green’s impassioned “World Keep on Turning” that opens the album. Parcek calls his approach “soul guitar” and there’s no denying that description while listening to his nearly eight-minute powerhouse version of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.” Recorded in Nashville, he shares guitar duties with Luther Dickinson—just one of several guests—and it’s hard to imagine anyone else more compassionate while entertaining Parcek’s muse. This is a stunning album from start to finish and the slow-paced title track should give everyone pause."

Lee County Currier Review - Tupelo, Miss 12/07/17

Electric bluesman gets Clapton comparison. How good is Peter Parcek? Well one of his heroes was Buddy Guy. He had some friends who got him into Buddy's dressing room after a show. 'I felt a little out of place, because I didn't know anybody, So out of nervousness, I guess, I gust absent mindedly pick up one of Buddy's guitars, unplugged and started playing, ' Peter said. 'After a while I realized the room was quiet and I looked up, and Buddy was watching me with his finger pressed ot his lips for silence.'..." [read full review]

John Ems Music Review - 12/01/17

John Ems says "Peter Parcek creates an entire album full of prime atmospheric blues on his latest album Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven. Excellent star turns from the great Luther Dickinson, Mickey Raphael and legendary keyboard man Spooner Oldham are very cool. Yet it’s the covers of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s See that My Grave is Kept Clean and Parcek’s very different take on the title track written by Don Nix that create a big buzz...." [read full review]

Reflections in Blue Top Picks of 2017

"Deeply rooted in the Blues and incredibly diverse, Peter Parcek nails it with tunes that range from the 1920s to his own originals. Joined by special guests Luther Dickinson, Spooner Oldham, the McCrary Sisters and Mickey Raphael, this is a solid piece of work. His guitar work is both highly technical and filled with pure raw passion. He is the kind of guitarist who could have those who are insecure, throwing their gear off of a bridge."

No Depression Review - 11/27/17

Joe McSpadden reviews Everybody Wants to Go to Heavenfor No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music: "The Bible talks about the number seven quite a bit. Seven years of famine, seven years of plenty. It’s been seven years since Peter Parcek last released an album, and that seems like a musical famine of sorts. Especially when the album is as good as his new release, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven...." [read full review]

don and sheryl's blues blog Review - 11/09/17

"Peter Parcek has long been one of our favorite bluesmen.  Now based out of New England, Peter got his start in the clubs of London in the Sixties, when blues-rock was just beginning to take root and spread “across the pond.”  It’s been seven years too long since his last album, the highly-acclaimed “Mathematics Of Love” from 2010.  He’s back with a new release, “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven,” on Lightnin’ Records.  Peter’s sound has always been rooted in not only contemporary blues, but the sounds of the Delta and masters of the history of the genre’ as well.  This collection touches on all his influences, with even a nod to the jug band sounds from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He’s assembled a stellar group of backing musicians, including Luther Dickinson on guitar on four cuts, Muscle Shoals legend Spooner Oldham on keys, Willie Nelson’s go-to harp man, Mickey Raphael, and the McCrary Sisters on backing vocals, and several others..." [read full review]

Bill Copeland Music News - 11/07/17

Bill Copeland reviews Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven: "Peter Parcek’s latest CD Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven offers, among fine musicianship, many tasty nuggets of tone that create exciting sonic landscapes. Parcek immerses his listener into his own world of sound. Whether he’s playing slidy material, contrasting guitar parts, or interesting chord progressions, Parcek maintains a freshness, originality, and a high level of excitement in every meter... " [read full review]

reflections in blue blog - November 2017

"Peter Parcek had the good fortune to land in London, in the thick of the British blues explosion.  He had the honor of sitting in clubs and soaking up the work of Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jeff Beck and more.  Things were going well when fate stepped in.  He was sent back to the U.S., for lack of a work permit.  This would turn out to be the best thing that could possibly happen to him.  Back in Connecticut, he had the opportunity to witness great American blues artists in concert: Skip James, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and more.  He would sit as close as possible in order to study their every move.  Some years later he was introduced to Buddy Guy.  In an awkward moment he picked up one of Buddy's guitars and began to play.  Guy's response was polite and direct... You’re as bad as Eric Clapton," Guy remarked. "And I know Eric Clapton."  The stage was set...." [read full review]

Midwest record Review - 11/04/17

Midwest Record reviews Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven: "Flat out real stuff for those that want their white boys with the blues to have it all on the ball. With a crew of nothing but hitters from top to bottom to insure quality, this guitar slinger goes deep into the belly of the beast offering up a must for those who demand it authentic. A wild ride that hasn't been rolling through these parts in years. "

Making a scene! Review

Jim Hynes reviews Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven for Making a Scene! "This is the hard blues.  It’s not that Peter Parcek plays hard constantly but it’s the feeling he evokes. He alternates dynamics but leaves vapors of Hendrix and The Cream in his wake.  He can play cleanly like Peter Green but prefers to shroud both his guitar sound and vocals with a haunting, voodoo shear. This is heavy stuff.  So much so that Buddy Guy said “You’re as bad as Eric Clapton. And I know Eric Clapton.”  Yet, there’s a distinct sound and expressiveness to Parcek’s playing.  He has a singular sound, especially when electric, which is the prevailing mode here..." [read full review]

Top ten - The Alternate Root

"World Keeps Turning" Selected as one of TopTen Songs of the Week Wednesday November 1, 2017 by The Alternate Root.

2017 Boston Music Awards

Peter is nominated in the Blues category of the 2017 Boston Music Awards!




Add one part Robert Plant's Band of Joy in-the-pocket rhythm section (with drummer Marco Giovino producing)... A touch of Muscle Shoals keys legend Spooner Oldham (who was seen most recently on stage with Neil Young during his surprise appearance at a small Boston area venue!)... And a healthy helping of the spirited McCrary Sisters backing vocals...

You get a taste of what's coming together on Peter Parcek's new record.

And it gets better. Additional guitar work comes courtesy of Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars (whose "World Boogie is Coming", the seventh studio record by these Americana music luminaries, was released on September 3rd, 2013). Harmonica ace Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson) blew up a storm on several tracks. Acoustic bass was courtesy of two stellar upright players: Dennis Crouch (Robert Plant's Band Of Joy, Diana Krall, and others) and Domenic John Davis (Jack White). To top it off, session whiz Russ Pahl added pedal steel to a couple of tracks. (You heard right: Pedal steel on a Peter Parcek record.)

The music on Peter Parcek's record is a new kind of creativity, sure, but it exists where American music has always existed: At the nexus of Blues, Folk, Country (Merle and Johnny's country, you know), and American curiosity. And like any good American tradition, it's not afraid to let it all blend together with the Blues as it's guide. - Brendan Hogan


Peter Parcek Live @ Smoken' Joe's 10/4/133


Review - Blues Blast Magazine October 3, 2013

Featured Live Blues Review - Roots n Blues BBQ Festival
by Terry Mullins

"He may not yet be a household name, but Boston’s Peter Parcek left no doubt that a guitar is a lethal instrument in his hands as he, bass player Joe Klompus and drummer Chris Anzalone practically set fire to the Shelter Insurance Stage Sunday afternoon. After witnessing the destruction firsthand, it’s easy to see why none other than Buddy Guy has been singing Parcek’s praises as a must-see guitarist."


Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival

We'll be heading to Columbia, MO in September to perform at the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival.

The incredible lineup includes The Black Crowes, John Hiatt and Mavis Staples among many talented others!

See you there? http://rootsnbluesnbbq.com/#artists


The Alternate Root Magazine Top 20

The Alternate Root Magazine has kindly honored PP & the band by selecting them as one of the Top 20 Bands in Boston Right Now.


Winner - 2013 New England Music Awards

Peter Parcek was was selected as Blues Act of the Year. Congrats!


2012 Boston Music Awards

Peter Parcek nominated for Blues Artist of the Year.



Peter Parcek named 2012 "Outstanding Guitar Player" in 15th Annual Readers Poll.


Thread on the Gear Page

Great thread of comments here on PP - http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?p=14707350